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Dan Gayle's Background - CEO & Founder, Peak Vantage

Before he started the coaching company, Dan had a successful career in finance where he had roles including Risk Manager, Investment Analyst, and Portfolio Manager with assets under management of $500m.

Dan has been fascinated by the concept of maximising human potential for not far off a decade, largely because time is THE most precious commodity and the odds of being alive are estimated to be at 420 TRILLION to one. Learning and teaching ways to make the absolute most of our opportunities, was something that resonated at a core level.

In the latter part of those finance days, Dan knew that he wanted to change paths to focus on something that helped others in a profound way. He realised that combining his love of business, finance, personal development and maximising potential was possible, all under one umbrella. Peak Vantage Coaching & Consultancy™ was born.

Dan has a great track record of getting results with his clients, which include 6,7, & 8-figure businesses, via his 6P's Coaching & Consultancy Framework™ and Enhanced Team Integration & Performance™ service.  These frameworks pulls together decades of knowledge and experience across multiple sectors:

* Business, economics, finance, investment analysis and portfolio management (22 years)
* Coaching, consultancy and personal development (8 years)
* Psychology (5 years)

This provides a powerful and unique approach to helping companies and their people become the best they can be which in turn, drives business results.
6 Core pillars

Simple yet powerful rules we run not only our business by, but our lives by too.

Always be respectful

We treat others how we ourselves want to be treated. So simple, yet many cannot grasp it in reality. Manners cost nothing, yet are highly valuable and impactful. In our minds, there is no excuse for being rude, disrespectful, abusive, or anything in between.

Ensure everybody wins

We always aim to create relationships and work on projects that will make everyone involved feel that their interests are well looked after and that they gain from the collaboration, partnership or relationship (factoring in both tangible and intangible).

Think about the long term

In today's world of people wanting instant success and gratification, we deem it even more important that ever to make decisions based upon the long term impact.
To the communities and people we serve, to our stakeholders, to our staff, to our brand...the long term is what it's all about. We want to leave behind a legacy known for positively impacting the world for current and future generations.


Without trust, the world is a dark place and it leads to poor outcomes for the majority of people.
We want our people to trust each other to do the right thing, to trust themselves, and for those who we collaborate and partner with, for them to believe in us too.
By getting this right, not only will business results be better, but our brand will be synonymous with trust, professionalism and credibility too.

Always strive to do better

Resting on our laurels is not in our DNA. This is not about being heavy-handed task masters (which is what can spring to mind with this perfectionist type goal). Rather this is looking both at what we have done exceptionally well, ensuring that we repeat this in the future (and importantly celebrating each other for this), as well as looking for areas that we can improve upon next time.

Enjoy the journey of creation

We take every single aspect of our business seriously, however it is key that we have fun and enjoy our journey too. We spend a huge proportion of our lives on our work-based endeavours. By creating a culture that nurtures people's well being, happiness and personal needs, it means overall productivity and the desire to succeed in achieving our collective vision as a business and ensuring we create the legacy we desire, will be at very high levels.

We love stats

Some numbers


Of people spend more time planning their summer holiday that they do their life.


Of our profits at The Positivity Store go to charity. This year, Alzheimers is our chosen cause. Would you like to chose a future charity to support? Get in touch if so.

People Goal

We want to positively impact the world at scale, one business, one person at a time.


Of the human brain is the SUB-conscious mind, which runs on auto-pilot. This means that 95% of the time we're operating based upon the programs we have stored there, not what we consciously want to do.


The sub-conscious mind is 1 million times more powerful a processor than the conscious mind.


On average to create and instil a new habit.


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