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We work with the leaders of 6, 7, and 8-figure revenue companies to drive increased results. Our proprietary 6Ps Coaching & Consultancy Framework™️ and Enhanced Team Integration & Performance Framework™️ encompasses the below cornerstones:
1. Business Enhancement Coaching & Consultancy
2. Performance & Productivity Coaching & Consultancy
3. Wellbeing Coaching & Consultancy
4. Psychological Coaching & Consultancy

Who are our services for?

  • As a business owner or leader, you are a key asset of the company.
  • The same can be said for the staff that you employ.
  • Your ability to perform at high levels as the leader, and also your employees as the lifeblood of the organisation, are crucial factors in achieving results.
  • Not doing so costs the business time and money.

We work with these businesses in any of three ways:

  1. Directly with the CEO of the company to enhance their personal effectiveness and the results of the business.
  2. Directly with the CEO and their senior managers (on an individual basis) to enhance each of their personal effectiveness and the results of the business.
  3. The CEO plus X ("X" could encompass the entire team or cherry picked individuals who have been highlighted for advanced development).  
  • We work with business leaders where their companies are already established (generating 6, 7, & 8-figures in revenue).
  • Together we integrate new strategies, tools and learnings to improve their business results (improved profitability and shareholder value), their performance and productivity, and their inner world (mindset, psychology, mental wellbeing etc).
  • Where desired, we also help businesses enhance their culture and develop employee engagement, cohesion, communication and loyalty.
  • The full list of benefits can be found by scrolling below.
  • We have two powerful resources for you to access below:
  1. A free ebook - 21 Methods To Increase Cashflow.
  2. Business Boost™️ consultancy session (we pay the cost of this on your behalf). This is a call where we create a personalised plan to help you as the business leader achieve the objectives you have for the company. This is 60 minutes that will not only add a lot of value to you and your business, but also gives us the opportunity to explore whether our services may be a good fit for you, in a risk-free way.
  • Please keep reading to access these.

The benefits

  • Our team has extensive experience in business, economics, finance and investment analysis, coaching and consultancy, and psychology, which combine to make our services a powerful offering for you to integrate.

  • The depth of our 6Ps Coaching & Consultancy Framework™ & Enhanced Team Integration & Performance™ solution can generate impactful benefits in an array of important areas.

Cutting edge continuing professional development (CPD)

  • Employees are the lifeblood of a company (often the largest % of cost base too).
  • Ensuring leadership and staff perform at high levels more consistently.
  • We aim to achieve this in a sustainable manner (therefore can be maintained over the long-term.
  • This is why the wellbeing element is vital.
  • This all supports people in becoming the best they can be and is a crucial driver of results.

Build healthy, growth-based mindsets (inner world) via deep psychological development

  • Confidence (which cascades into many aspects of life and business)
  • Belief
  • Focus and discipline
  • Motivation
  • Self awareness
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Adaptability
  • Resiliency
  • Stress management & mitigation
  • Happiness & fulfilment

Increased employee and team performance & productivity

  • Time is our most precious and valuable resource.
  • Our ability to maximise our resources in any given moment, ultimately leads to superior results.
  • We target a performance & productivity increase of between 10-30%.
  • Provides significant potential financial value-add for you & your business.
  • E.g. this equates to £10-30k increase in value-add for every £100k in staff costs.

Improvement of operational processes, profitability metrics & company valuation

  • Improve operating leverage performance (which includes increased profitability and higher revenues)
  • Reviewing operational processes and overlaying strategies to reduce inefficiencies and further increase company profitability.
  • Potential to significantly grow your business by acquisition
  • Implement strategies that increase the company's valuation and thus shareholder value.
  • Position your company for a strong full or partial exit, regardless of the required timeframe.

Improved mental & physical wellbeing

Improved communication, connection & cohesion of teams

Increase employee engagement, satisfaction and loyalty

  • Leads to greater talent retention

Development of outer world abilities

  • Enhancing knowledge & strategy base, execution, goal setting, negotiation skills, communication (both in-person and online).

We built our proprietary 6Ps Coaching & Consultancy Framework™ and Enhanced Team Integration & Performance Framework™ based upon extensive experience

We apply our 'Marginal Accumulated Gains™️' (MAG's) approach within both our micro (individual) and macro (team) approaches.

By doing so, we amass a high volume of smaller gains (rather than targeting just large gains), which provides significant upside potential to results.

There are decades of knowledge, strategies and experience from a combination of multiple disciplines all pulled together into our frameworks, which make it a powerful and unique solution:

✅ Business, economics, finance, investment analysis and portfolio management (22 years)

✅ Coaching, consultancy and personal development (8 years)

✅ Psychology (5 years)

There is no one size fits all solution. That’s why we have built The 6Ps Coaching & Consultancy Framework™️  that is flexibly applied to each individual.

It is this approach that enables us to acknowledge the many nuances of each human being and best achieve our goal of racking up MAG’s (Marginal Accumulated Gains) to maximise BOTH short term and long term performance.

Where desired, we can also apply additional methodologies at the macro (team) level, to help bring the department together in greater alignment. This is our Enhanced Team Integration & Performance™ service.

This part of the process aids in developing:
1. Cohesiveness
2. Genuine care and consideration
3. Trust
4. Connection
5. Communication

All of which foster a whole other dimension of performance and productivity, as well as quality or work life, feeding into greater wellbeing, and ultimately, business results.

Dan Gayle's Background - CEO & Founder, Peak Vantage

Before he started Peak Vantage, Dan had a successful career in finance where he had roles including Risk Manager, Investment Analyst, and Portfolio Manager with assets under management of $500m.

Dan has been fascinated by the concept of maximising human potential for not far off a decade, largely because time is THE most precious commodity and the odds of being alive are estimated to be at 420 TRILLION to one. Learning and teaching ways to make the absolute most of our opportunities, was something that resonated at a core level.

In the latter part of those finance days, Dan knew that he wanted to change paths to focus on something that helped others in a profound way. He realised that combining his love of business, finance, personal development and maximising potential was possible, all under one umbrella. Peak Vantage Coaching & Consultancy™ was born.

Dan and his team have a great track record of getting results with their clients, which include 6,7, & 8-figure businesses, via his 6P's Coaching & Consultancy Framework™ and Enhanced Team Integration & Performance™ service.  These frameworks pulls together decades of knowledge and experience across multiple sectors:

* Business, economics, finance, investment analysis and portfolio management (22 years)
* Coaching, consultancy and personal development (8 years)
* Psychology (5 years)

This provides a powerful and unique approach to helping companies and their people become the best they can be which in turn, drives business results. Importantly, we include a significant wellbeing component which ensures it’s achieved in a healthy way that’s sustainable over the long term.

Free Ebook -21 Methods To Increase Cashflow

We have put together an impactful Ebook for business owners to download (via the form below).

After you've entered your details, continue scrolling down the page to find out about enrolling for a trial Business Boost™️ coaching & consultancy session. We pay the cost of this on your behalf.

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Enrol for a Business Boost™️ session, on us!

Each week we provide 4 business owners with the opportunity to have a Business Boost™️ coaching & consultancy phone session. What will you get on the call? Please see below for more information...

➤ Gain clarity on several key strategies you can implement that will support you in achieving results in the most important areas.

➤ Explore your core challenges and devise a customised plan to breakthrough them.

➤ Takeaway multiple mindset building techniques for you to integrate into your life and business.

➤ Analyse your current marketing and sales processes, and layer on new cutting edge strategies to support revenue growth.

Explore what performance and productivity boosting methods can help your specific situation.

➤ The opportunity to gain a clearer understanding of whether our coaching & consultancy services are a good fit for you.

➤ An hour of your time is valuable. We want to ensure you get so much value from the call that you feel it is a great decision and use of your time.

To be eligible, you must meet the below criteria:

1. You are serious about enacting change and getting results.

2. You will 100% show up to the call, thus respecting our time and being appreciative of the limited availability of our Business Boost™️ sessions.

NOTE: once we hit 4 booked calls, we close off slot availabilities for the rest of that week - so if you don't show up, someone else misses out.

Are you ready? If so, book directly in the calendar below.

Client reviews

"I signed up for one of Dan's Business Boost sessions and I'm so glad that I made that decision.

The amount of value you get it huge! So many people overpromise and underdeliver.

Dan flips that on its head and provides a lot of knowledge and strategies openly, that have directly impacted my business.

I decided to join as a client after this because I thought "if this is what I got in an hour, just imagine what is possible over a longer period.".

David, uk
Client reviews

"The reason we decided to work with Peak Vantage is that the world is such a competitive place (and seems to continue to become evermore so) and we wanted to find ways to improve the performance of our business in new ways.

The methodologies that Dan has created deliver on multiple fronts. There are the tangible business profitability and valuation growth strategies, the performance/productivity improvement strategies, and the development of the cultural and employee engagement side too.

The results achieved so far have been excellent and the return on the investment we've made is massive. This of course includes the financial returns, but also the intangible returns which have been just as impactful to our company."

TOM, uk
Client reviews

"I was very impressed with how Dan and his team managed to add so much value to not only myself, but my business too.

The productivity of both me and my senior team has drastically improved, which has lead to better results pretty much across the board. Our revenue and profit have grown by 15% and 22% respectively.

There also is now more connection within my organisation which has improved our cultural core. The ETIP services really helped to drive this crucial part of the company forward.I would absolutely recommend Peak Vantage's solutions to others. Though I'm a bit reluctant to share my new secret weapon."


A deeper dive into why the need for our services exists

Productivity growth revival in an under-utilised and forward thinking way

  • Productivity growth rates have stagnated for nearly 20 years across developed countries.
  • Technology has always been a core driver of productivity growth, but has waned in recent years.
  • However we believe there is a major growth opportunity via cognitive and psychological advancements. It’s a largely untapped opportunity in the mainstream.
  • A happier workforce means a more productive workforce. A more productive workforce means higher profitability. More profitability means more reward for all stakeholders.
  • There are multiple dimensions to productivity and the old way of mainly using money and cracking the whip are outdated and increasingly less effective.
  • Employee engagement and satisfaction drive business results. Most managers / team leaders are not equipped with the depth of skillset required around maximising human potential.
  • This is a separate area of expertise and therefore investing in experts to deliver results in this key area, makes sense both logically and financially.
  • Aligning employees with the vision and values of the business, and creating a deeper sense of team integration and cohesion, is incredibly valuable. This requires conscious focus.
  • The pressure on mental wellbeing has dramatically increased in the digital age. Proactive steps need to be taken to diffuse this ticking time bomb. By developing a healthy, powerful mindset, this can be achieved in a way that supports the individual, whilst creating long term benefits for the business.
  • Through genuine care and thoughtfulness at the micro (individual) level, it facilitates the development of enhanced cultural foundations, communication, connection & motivation.

Mental wellbeing is a crucial area

  • Humans have seen the pressure rise dramatically on the expectation to be available and switched on for ever greater periods of time.
  • The volume of information that is constantly bombarding people’s nervous systems has exploded, causing significant challenges for individuals, both from a wellbeing standpoint and also a productivity standpoint.
  • In our view, it’s great that mental wellbeing is now becoming a bigger consideration (both in employers and employees alike).
  • It’s more important than ever (and that level of importance will continue to grow) that staff feel supported at a much deeper and more thoughtful level.
  • By being a proactive and thoughtful leader in this regard, an organisation can achieve stronger long term business results in a way that cultivates greater health, mental wellbeing, loyalty, connection and productivity.

Employee engagement & satisfaction are key drivers of results

  • Performance, productivity and wellbeing are significantly driven by awareness of what matters - employee engagement and happiness.  
  • This field of study is a beast all of it’s own and therefore investing in bringing onboard expert resources to achieve a gold standard here is:

1. A good thing to do for each person in the team.

2. A great business decision that will drive higher ROI over the medium to long term.

  • People want and need to feel cared for. Managers often feel like they don’t have the time to dedicate to these deeper aspects personally.
  • Genuinely caring about employees and investing time, energy and financial resources in them matters a great deal.
  • By investing in this type of personal, impactful training and development, it sends a powerful message to employees, that they are cared for and their best interests are being considered.
  • Employees will be grateful for this level of engagement and the company will benefit.
  • Even those staff who move on, will speak  highly of the organisation.
  • The brand reputation created from this will be significant and over time, it will make the company a hot place to work for which will attract future talent.
  • By gaining deep clarity and understanding at the micro (individual level) and aligning this with the team visions and targets with a macro application, we create an integrated, cohesive and high performing unit.
  • Due to employees receiving more of what is important to them (including genuinely being listened to and cared for), the business gets better performance and greater loyalty in return.

What is the opportunity - part 1?

  • "Coaches" and "consultants" have long been part of the ELITE sporting world. In more recent times, mindset and performance experts have started to become part of that world, and also in the business world too. This is because it has become very clear that a person's mindset, their psychology, plays an absolutely pivotal role in success.
  • Peak performance professionals are skilled at enabling people to maximise their talent and their potential.
  • "Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent" - Calvin Coolidge. Persistence, determination, hard work, and our ability to maximise, are all factors of achieving results.
  • We believe that over the next 10-20 years, the world will see a huge rise in people employing performance coaches and consultants into their teams across ALL professions, including business.
  • Marginal accumulated gains are a powerful weapon in becoming the best we can be.This philosophy is why Team GB's cycling team soared from pretty average on the global stage, to a dominant powerhouse.
  • Ronnie O Sullivan came back from a near career capitulation, to become one of the most successful snooker players ever, due to working with a mindset expert.

What is the opportunity - part 2?  

  • "Land grabs" have happened throughout history. Whether it was purchasing property or land in areas before they soar in value, or the "land grab" for people's attention across social media platforms, or something else - early movers gain a considerable percentage of the overall upside.
  • With our type of solutions, at some point the masses will learn about the immense power of it, and again like social media, it's by far much better to get involved early in order to maximise the opportunity.
  • By being a relative early adopter of these types of services, it can enable people to get the absolute most from themselves, importantly over the long run (this is why the "wellbeing" part plays an important role), and develop marginal accumulated gains in their careers and their lives, which will help give them a strong advantage.
  • Over the next 10-20 years time when nearly everybody has a performance coach/consultant, the size of the opportunity, much like with the "land grab" on social media, will diminish. At that point, people will need a coach just to stay in touch with their competition or face being left behind.
  • Does this 100% guarantee success? Of course not, nothing does, as there are many variables that determine outcomes. But what we can promise you is that our clients learn how access more of their potential by accessing their peak performance levels much more frequently over the long run. This of course increases their probability of heightened results.

Some key information and bonuses when you come onboard as a client


Special Bonuses & Key Info (click or tap to explore)

For one on one Coaching & Consultancy (sessions are held via Zoom or phone), we only take on a maximum of 30 clients at any one time.

This is to ensure we  can deliver to the highest of standards, creating a deep and personal relationship every single person and offer an all round more supportive and nurturing experience from start to finish.

Our minimum contract term is six months and this contract comes into effect once the deposit has been paid. This is to enable us time to instil new habits, develop the mindset and to build momentum (ad-hoc and sporadic coaching/consultancy mostly doesn't work well). We do also offer a discount to those who wish to pay the full six months upfront, instead of monthly. Most clients stay with us for much longer, and after the initial six months has passed, sessions are payable monthly in advance.

By working with a limited amount of clients at any one time, it gives us the capacity to offer the below high-value benefits, which are included as part of the coaching & consultancy services:

> We are contactable in between sessions via WhatsApp and email.

> After care for two months once the coaching relationship has come to an end, which still gives you access via WhatsApp and email.

This is why our clients feel truly supported, nurtured and inspired every step of their journey.

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