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Tom, UK

"The reason we decided to work with Peak Vantage is that the world is such a competitive place (and seems to continue to become evermore so) and we wanted to find ways to improve the performance of our business in new ways.

The methodologies that Dan has created deliver on multiple fronts. There are the tangible business profitability and valuation growth strategies, the performance/productivity improvement strategies, and the development of the cultural and employee engagement side too.

The results achieved so far have been excellent and the return on the investment we've made is massive. This of course includes the financial returns, but also the intangible returns which have been just as impactful to our company."

Claire, UK

"What impressed me most was Dan's breadth and depth of knowledge in many areas that are key in business, and importantly, the way that he has synthesised that knowledge into applicable, actionable strategies.

I decided to bring Peak Vantage onboard to work with me, my senior team and four junior staff that I felt would benefit from one to one development. Productivity has really gone up for all of us. The psychological coaching & consultancy work has dramatically impacted happiness and wellbeing. I think this has also further improved performance.

The results I personally got from working with Dan include what I've already mentioned, plus given me better perspective. The profitability of the business has increased and the ideas I now have to grow even more are abundant.

My eyes are open in a way they never have before. All of us who worked with Dan did have to work hard. But that is where the value is and is why we got the results we did."

Ed, Australia

"I was very impressed with how Dan and his team managed to add so much value to not only myself, but my business too.

The productivity of both me and my senior team has drastically improved, which has lead to better results pretty much across the board. Our revenue and profit have grown by 15% and 22% respectively.

There also is now more connection within my organisation which has improved our cultural core. The ETIP services really helped to drive this crucial part of the company forward.

I would absolutely recommend Peak Vantage's solutions to others. Though I'm a bit reluctant to share my new secret weapon."

Nina, UK

“I've been working with Dan for about 18 months and he is, and has, been a great source of inspiration for me. He has been able to unlock a level of performance from me that I never thought possible. Not only am I now much more effective in all situations, but I feel more healthy both mentally and physically.

Dan is able to shift between coaching and consulting hats seamlessly which created a very good combination of deeper personal development, and purposeful direction.

The 6Ps Framework and all its many elements is amazing. I learned so much and have grown into a much better version of myself in just over a year."

Lisa, UK

"I brought Dan in to work with as my personal coach and consultant. I run a business with a small team of direct reports and I wanted to become a more effective CEO and a better leader.

His "6Ps" approach was clear and concise, and is organised into many smaller modules which makes the learning more digestible and less overwhelming. It was hard work though! I had to be committed both in our sessions and in between them too (as there are always development assignments to take away), and some of the exercises (especially the deeper mindset and psychology based ones), really push you.

It was worth the effort as I am now executing at a higher level than ever and my business is thriving more because of it.

Such has been the positive impact of our time together, I have asked Dan to begin working with all of my team members too."

David, US

"In the time I worked with Dan I had some significant breakthroughs. Even though it was my business ambitions that led me to Dan, the impact on my personal life was profound too which was a welcomed surprise.

On the business side, we worked together to get my mindset right. The psychological tools and exercises have enabled me to develop strongly in this area and I now feel more focused, motivated and have clarity, but with a sense of greater balance and peace. We also found ways to improve profitability through multiple avenues.

The F.O.M.C.A.P. Strategy and The Time S.P.A.N. Zonal Allocation Strategy that Dan implemented to transformed my productivity levels. I now get more done in half a day than I did previously in a whole day, which means I have more time to invest back into my business and also into my family life!

I am very grateful for all of the dedication and commitment Dan gave me throughout. He has changed my life and changed the trajectory of my business."

Richard, UK

"After the first 6 months my life had completely changed. My close friends noticed a huge difference in me after just a few months with Dan and a year later I feel unrecognisable."

Matt, UK

"Dan had an immediate impact on my personal and professional life. I worked with Dan for 6 months.

I felt the process offered tremendous value for money and Dan is as committed to your journey as you are individually."

Harry, UK

"The C.O.D.D. Method that Dan integrated into my company revolutionised the workflows across the board and the productivity of the whole organisation is much more effective because of it."

Robert, Ireland

"The tools I have learned and the things that have now been implemented into my business from working with Dan have been game changing for us. What's even more great than this is that the work we did regarding mindset will literally stay with me forever."

Colleen, UK

"Dan helped me re-find the part of me that is happy, positive and motivated to achieve. I strive to achieve my goals, I don't take no for an answer and I'm not fazed if those around me can't see my dreams.  

Dan comes from a place of integrity where helping others navigate their challenges is his highest motivation. I have worked to sustain and grow my current business, I'm studying and also looking to launch a second business. I would definitely recommend Dan.

Investing in yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and is surprising to others around you. Dan will help you see what you maybe at the moment can't."

Simon, UK

“Before I started working with Dan, I had a very confused and lost mind. I was deflated and lost for direction. Now I’ve been coached by Dan I’m much more focused and am working towards exciting new goals, some of which I have already smashed.

I have bought a house, been approached to work at a new job and hit more targets, completed my life goals before the age of 29 now looking to set even more challenging goals and targets to get to the next level.

I have improved my self-control and learnt to deal with situations that may make me stressed or frustrated as well as balancing my life a lot more and discovered the things that make me really happy.

Three words I’d use to describe Dan are productive, motivational and inspiring. A very special thanks to Dan for all his time and efforts. I’d absolutely recommend him, he is passionate about his job and helping others."

Fiona, UK

"He taught me the power I have over my own destination and taking control of my thoughts and actions. I have made massive inroads with all the main issues I was facing and would highly recommend Dan as a coach.

He made me feel at ease talking to him from the first session and created a confidence in me that anything was possible.

Dan was able to develop an individualised plan for me (based upon his 6P's framework) which has really worked. I was initially completely undecided about working with a coach, but 6 months on a huge transformation has taken place."

Laura, UK

"I like that Dan is non-judgemental in his approach and is able to relate to certain experiences by sharing his own experiences.  He is able to work with humility which I think is important when the ‘client’ can be sharing very personal aspects of their own lives.  

I have achieved some great results in all the areas important to me. I would recommend Dan and have already done so to some of my friends."

Lee, UK

"Dan has provided me with more tools and skills to help overcome confidence and motivational issues, both in my professional and personal life. I would recommend Dan to anyone."

Jude, UK

"My life like before I started working with Dan was directionless. Now I’ve been coached by him I am focused, and confident. I felt an instant connection with Dan. I love his warmth, his empathy and that he’s always available to contact him by message or email. I was so impressed very early on and have made some huge achievements . I hardly recognise the person I was when I started with Dan."

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