The Increase in Workplace Mental Wellbeing Challenges, the Cost to Businesses & a Highly Effective Method to Combat this Trend

The pressure on mental wellbeing has dramatically increased in the digital age. Proactive steps need to be taken to diffuse this.

The “always on” culture and the volume of information individuals are subject to has exploded. This greatly impacts people’s nervous systems, causing significant challenges in both wellbeing and productivity.

In our view, it is crucial that staff feel supported at a deeper and more thoughtful level.

Here are some powerful stats regarding mental wellbeing:

How can companies expect their employees to be engaged and firing on all (or close to) all cylinders, with this type of backdrop? It’s not realistic and it’s not reasonable.

By investing in their employees at a deeper and more thoughtful level, it will enable a greater share of people to navigate through their mental wellbeing challenges better, thus having a big impact on performance and productivity, as well as happiness. This can be achieved in a way that supports each individual, whilst creating long term benefits for businesses. Everybody wins!

What Can Help?

Mental wellbeing can be a very complex beast. It is why we have both 1-2-1 personal coaching solutions AND a digital learning program focused purely on mental and physical wellbeing and increasing performance and productivity levels, all designed in a way that is sustainable over the long term.  

As such, there are many different strategies and actions that can be taken in nurturing a person’s mental wellbeing to a place where they are absolutely thriving.

There is one requirement that is a crucial foundation of mental wellbeing. What is this requirement? It is sleep!

According to research by Britain’s Healthiest Workplace in 2019, “Productivity and health are suffering because employees are not getting enough sleep. This is often because of underlying health conditions:”

What are the benefits of sleep?

Getting enough HIGH-QUALITY sleep is crucial.

People can sometimes think about sleep in an oversimplified way – something along the lines of merely being a way to rest and not feel tired (or to that affect). However, there are many key processes that occur, which should also be viewed as high value benefits, plus other proven benefits of getting enough sleep both in the short and long term.

What are the processes that run during sleep?

There really are way too many to mention, but here are some of the key ones:

Benefits of sleep:

Taking action to facilitate better (and longer) sleep as an employer, and also as the individual, can make a dramatic difference in wellbeing.

By being a proactive and thoughtful leader with regards to wellbeing and performance, companies can achieve stronger long-term business results in a way that cultivates greater health, mental wellbeing, loyalty, connection and productivity, all in a manner sustainable over the long term.

As with all things in the personal development world, it is not enough to merely know what to do. Action must be taken to reap the rewards.

Much like just knowing that exercising is good for us is not going to impact our health without actually exercising, it is not enough to just know high quality sleep is good for us….we must actually take action to get high quality sleep.

Written by: Dan Gayle – Peak Vantage CEO.

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