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Who's our coaching for?

  • Many artists are unaware that at as a professional artist (or if striving to be one), they're actually operating a business whereby they are one of the main assets of the company.
  • Your ability to MAXIMISE your main asset (you), and importantly doing so over the long run, will be a key factor in determining how your career plays out, and also crucially your happiness and fulfilment levels too.
  • Think of this service as business coaching, performance coaching and wellbeing coaching...combined.
  • If you are in the music industry but fall outside of the artist scope (for example, owners of festivals, agencies, artist management companies, record label) please visit our business coaching & consultancy page.
  • We implement our extensive business and finance knowledge via our coaching frameworks, which are flexibly applied to YOUR specific circumstances.
  • In addition to this, enhancing performance and productivity, and improving  mental and physical wellbeing, are all also included within our frameworks.
  • Performing at high levels consistently is a crucial factor in determining the chances of success and getting results. Not doing so costs your music business time, opportunities and money.
  • We have worked with business owners who are generating 8 figure revenues, all the way through to brand new startups, supporting them in achieving results. So we're well equipped to help you with your music business from a mindset, performance, profitability and wellbeing perspectives.

  • Whether you are...

1) An established artist already earning a living from music;

2) A new-ish artist aspiring to become a professional;

3) Or an artist that falls somewhere in between.

  • ...we can cater to your personal circumstances.

  • Our PV Business Impact & Valuation Growth Framework™ and 6Ps Performance & Wellbeing Framework™  are  flexibly applied to YOUR specific set of circumstances, which means a customised game plan and implementation strategy to support achievement of your music business goals and overcoming your challenges.
  • We view generic, "one size fits all" solutions as helpful if you want to merely dabble, but if you want to master something, a personalised approach is the most powerful way to get there.
  • This is NOT FOR people who want a magical solution to solve all their challenges and achieve all their music career ambitions with minimal effort. Anyone selling you that dream is full of sh*t and it’s important to know the reality.
  • The truth...the bigger the your aspirations (both professionally AND personally), the harder you will have to work and the more committed and disciplined you will have to be.
  • As the great Jim Rohn once said, “There are two types of pain. The pain of discipline and the pain of regret. Discipline weighs ounces whilst regret weights tonnes”.
  • Still interested? If so, great. Please read on as you will likely be a good fit for coaching and we have not one, but two powerful resources for you to access (which we're picking up the cost for). If not, we wish you all the best.

What would your role be in my team? What will you help me achieve?

The depth of our coaching frameworks deliver significant benefits. More detail on this can be found towards the end of this webpage, however below are some of the key target outcomes.

Music Business Strategy & Execution

✅ Create “Diamond Pillars” in your music business across:

1. Products & services ecosystem; 2. Operations; 3. Marketing & branding; 4. Sales processes; 5. Finances & profitability.

✅ Create and execute a customised strategy that is specific to YOUR needs and wants.

✅ Enable you to maximise your potential in your music career/business & personal life.

✅ Gain absolute clarity on where you want to be and create roadmaps and strategies on how to get there.

✅ Gives you the knowledge, strategies & confidence to build your music business, as well as tools to help your personal finances thrive.

✅ Review operational processes and overlaying strategies to reduce inefficiencies and further increase profitability.

✅ Build and implementing processes that enable you to grow and scale effectively, whilst staying nimble and maintaining profitability levels.

✅ Increase awareness, engagement, brand value and ultimately revenue, over the long term.

✅ Learn how to build out e-commerce platforms to build and bolster your brand and expand profits.

Increase Performance & Productivity Levels

✅ Time is our most precious and valuable resource.

✅ Our ability to maximise our resources in any given moment, ultimately leads to superior results.

✅ We target a performance & productivity increase of between 10-30%.

✅ How much do you value your precious time at? £25k pa? £50k pa? £100k pa?

✅ The potential financial value-add on each of those is £7.5k pa, £15k pa and £30k pa respectively.

✅ Did you know that an increase in productivity of 30% would save the average person THIRTY DAYS PER YEAR!?

Mindset Development & Execution Improvement

✅ Our mind is our most powerful asset of all, yet it is neglected by most humans. We teach people how to work towards mastering their mindset, their psychology, to achieve great results & have much higher quality of life.

✅ Develop an inner world (mindset, psychology, confidence, beliefs, discipline, focus, motivation, resilience) built for success and happiness.

✅ Also develop outer world abilities (execution, strategies, application of knowledge, planning).

✅ By applying the Marginal Accumulated Gains™️ concept, we make a high volume of mini progresses and work towards maximisation of our potential, in a healthy way that is sustainable over the long term.

✅ The best decisions and our most effective actions are made when we’re in a great mental state and so to get great results, we must focus time and energy on developing this skill.

✅ To get to any “next level”, developing our mindsets is the best place to start. Investing time, energy and financial resources into this is always a great move, both for your professional and personal lives.

Long Term Mental & Physical Wellbeing

✅ Ensure the artist’s physical and mental wellbeing thrive. This is crucial for performance over the long term, and living a happy and fulfilled life too.

✅ In modern society where things are moving ever faster, our nervous systems being bombarded with an often overwhelming amount of information and stimuli. Ordinarily these types of seismic shifts occur over hundreds, or even thousands of years.

✅ These technological and informational shifts however, have happened in a relatively short amount of time and as such, humans have not been able to evolve quick enough to effectively cope with these changes.

✅ This macro trend mentioned is one of the key drivers why MENTAL WELLBEING CHALLENGES are at unprecedented levels.

✅ However there are also micro drivers that are specific to the music industry that most definitely contribute to this too (the list is long, but things such as: lack of sleep, exposure to excessive alcohol and drugs, poor nutrition, rejection, bullying/trolling, depression due to social media popularity, etc)

✅ By taking steps to embody mental and physical wellbeing, not only can an artist live a happier and healthier life, but also increases the chances the artist’s career has greater longevity. We prioritise this above short term gains.

How does  compare to the other roles in an artist's team?

The earlier on in your career progression you are, the more of the below roles you will likely be doing yourself. As you grow, so will your need to build a great team around you.

However working with a Peak Performance & Wellbeing Coach™ will enable you to get the absolute most out of yourself at ANY level of your career. So whether you're a newbie, an established artists, or somewhere in the middle, the potential impact having a coach on your team can have, is huge.


Artist Manager

Social Media Marketing & Branding

PA / VA / Admin

Power Mindset For Artists - Free Ebook

The best decisions and our most effective actions are made when we’re in a great mental state and so to get great results, we must focus time and energy on developing our mindsets.

To get to any “next level”, developing our mindsets is the best place to start. Investing time and energy into this is always a great use of resources, both for your professional and personal lives.

✅ The importance of building a powerful mindset.
✅ 9 tools that you can start implementing today, to build a strong, resilient and resourceful mindset.
✅ The challenges specific to the music industry, and why consciously and proactively taking steps to cultivate healthy mental wellbeing is imperative.
✅ How state management can be a significant asset to you in all walks of life, when learned.
✅ The expectation divide: what it is, why it matters, and how it can change your life.

After you've entered your details, continue scrolling down the page to find out about our Music Career Amplifier™️ session, where we pick up the cost of this for 4 people per week.

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Enrol for a Music Career Amplifier™️ session, on us!

Each week we provide 4 music professionals (or aspiring ones) with the opportunity to have a Career Amplifier™️ phone session, where we pick up the cost (this has a value of £197). What will you get on the call? Please see below for more info...

✅  The chance to speak with an expert, regarding your specific circumstances, on the house.

✅ Gain clarity on your primary goals and create specific strategies you can implement that will support you in achieving results in these areas.

✅ Begin building (or enhancing) your music business plan and roadmap.

✅ Explore your core challenges and devise a customised plan to breakthrough them.

✅ Takeaway multiple mindset building techniques for you to integrate into your life.

✅ Analyse current marketing, branding and sales processes, and explore new cutting edge strategies to support long term revenue growth.

Explore what performance and productivity boosting methods can help your specific situation.

✅ An hour of your time is valuable. We want to ensure you get so much value from the call that you feel it’s one of the best decisions you've ever made.

To be eligible, you must meet the below criteria:

1. You are serious about enacting change and getting results.

2. You will 100% show up to the call, thus respecting our time and being appreciative of the limited availability of our Music Carer Amplifier™️ sessions.

NOTE: once we hit 4 booked calls, we close off slot availabilities for the rest of that week - so if you don't show up, someone else misses out.

Are you ready? If so, book directly in the calendar below.

Prior to coaching, Dan had a career in finance where he had roles including Investment Analyst and Portfolio Manager, with assets under management of $500m.

Dan has been fascinated by the concept of maximising human potential for long time.

Time is THE most precious commodity and the odds of being alive are estimated to be at 420 TRILLION to one.

Learning and teaching ways to make the absolute most of our opportunities, was something that resonated at a core level.

He started an events company called Little Festival in 2013 with friends, which is a concept that brings festival style production into club venues and has hosted shows in London, Switzerland, Brighton and Ibiza.

Their growing label, Little Festival Records, focuses on bringing onboard both established artists, as well as up and coming talent. Nurturing good people to help them develop and grow is something they’re very passionate about.

He also co-founded FESTIVAL TV, an electronic music media and news platform which has over 180k followers.  

Dan performs as a DJ and produces melodic techno which he absolutely loves, as well as finding it very meditative too which is great for mental wellbeing.

In the latter part of those finance days, Dan knew that he wanted to change paths to focus on something that helped others whilst making himself happy too.

He realised that combining his love of music, business, personal development and maximising potential was possible, all under one umbrella. Peak Vantage™ was born.

By bringing together his huge passions (coaching, business, finance, and music), and building a coaching framework that helps DJ’s, Producers and other music professionals in a powerful way, he’s more excited than ever.

Client reviews

"He taught me the power I have over my own destination and taking control of my thoughts and actions and caring for myself and my personal development are paramount to my becoming the person I truly am. I have made massive inroads with all the main issues I was facing and would highly recommend Dan as a coach. He made me feel at ease talking to him from the first session and created a confidence in me that anything was possible. I felt that Dan was able to develop an individualised plan for me which has really worked and I can now look forward to a brighter future. 6 months on a huge transformation has taken place.".

Client reviews

"Dan had an immediate impact on my personal and professional life. I worked with Dan for 6 months. I felt the process offered tremendous value for money and Dan is as committed to your journey as you are individually."

matt, uk
Client reviews

"Dan helped me re-find the part of me that is happy, positive and motivated to achieve. I strive to achieve my goals, I don't take no for an answer and I'm not fazed if those around me can't see my dreams.  Dan comes from a place of integrity where helping others navigate their challenges is his highest motivation. I have worked to sustain and grow my current business, I don't use being a single parent as an excuse. I'm studying and looking to launch a second business in September."

Colleen, uk

The 6Ps Performance & Wellbeing Framework™  at a glance

There are decades of knowledge, strategies and experience from a combination of multiple disciplines all pulled together into this coaching framework, which make it a very powerful and unique solution:

Business, economics and finance (21 years)
Coaching and personal development (7 years)
Music (DJing, production, and event curation & promotion. 7 years)
Psychology (7 years)

Peak Performance Coaching - What's the Opportunity?  

In some ways it's similar to the "land grab" for people's attention across social media platforms - most people now know about it and because of that, the opportunity is decreasing as more people compete to get their music, their brand, their stuff in front of people's news feeds. Can you imagine having rolled out a consistent social media strategy filled with your music 10 years ago when hardly anyone else was? The amount of attention and visibility you would have had is absolutely huge. Attention is a major currency in modern business and so the advantage you would have gained would also been massive.

At some point the masses will learn about the immense power of it, and again like social media, it's by far much better to get involved early in order to maximise the opportunity.
By being a relative early adopter of the types of solutions we provide, it can enable you get the absolute most from yourself, importantly over the long run (this is why the "wellbeing" part plays an important role), and develop accumulated marginal gains in your career and your life, which will help give you a strong advantage.

Over the next 10-20 years time when nearly everybody has a business / performance / wellbeing coach, the size of the opportunity, much like with the "land grab" on social media, will diminish. At that point, people will need a coach just to stay in touch with their competition or face being left behind.

Does this 100% guarantee you success? Of course not, nothing does. But what we can promise you is that you will learn how achieve more of your potential by accessing your peak performance levels much more frequently over the long run. This of course increases your chances of success.

Some powerful questions to ask yourself...

What would you be able to achieve by not only learning how to access your peak performance levels more often, but also increase what your "peak" level is?

How would skyrocketing your productivity and performance levels positively impact your music business? And your life?

What if you could rewire your mindset to one that's built to maximise and to be happy?

What would you be able to achieve with increased confidence and self-belief?

How would you feel with improved mental and physical wellbeing?

What would your life be like with sky high levels of motivation and drive?

How would you feel with greater clarity on what, why, how and when?

What would your results be like if you could execute at much higher levels?

If you're answers to these questions make you feel excited, then we'd absolutely love to hear from you.

Some important truths for you to consider...

There are no guarantees to success in life. Anyone promising you the world is full of sh*t. However we can improve our chances of succeeding by maximising our potential via hard work, commitment, and working to build a powerful mindset. Also, making happiness and fulfilment a key barometer of success is crucial, and have them form an equal (if not more) part of the pie alongside the more conventional targets of financial and material based (and even fame, which we know many people in creative industries crave).

Working with us is for those individuals who are willing to invest time, energy and financial resources into creating a better future for themselves. We are each responsible for how our lives materialise in the future. It is us, and us alone, who can make the decision to commit to building the type of future we truly want.

Importantly, we must learn how to enjoy the journey of creating and building our lives. This is done by spending time on and building your business around the things you love most (in your And crucially, not to be just doing it for "the stuff", the money, the fame, the attention, etc. It's totally cool to have those things as targets/goals/aspirations, however they simply cannot be the primary driver, if you want to live a happy life.

To be happy, we must love what we do, be appreciative of the fact that we even have a shot to make our dreams a reality (previous generations didn't have this chance), and enjoy the PROCESS of achieving our goals (not just enjoying life once we reach those goals).

Some bonuses & key T&Cs when working with us


Special Bonuses & Key Info (click or tap to explore)

> We are contactable in between sessions via WhatsApp and email (fair usage policy applies).

> After care for two months once the coaching relationship has come to an end, which still gives you access via WhatsApp and email (fair usage policy applies).

These are  just a couple of the reasons why our clients feel truly supported, nurtured and inspired every step of the way.

Our minimum contract term is six months and this contract comes into effect once the first session has been paid. This is to enable us time to instil new habits, develop the mindset and to build momentum (ad-hoc and sporadic coaching mostly doesn't work well).

If paying monthly, sessions are payable in advance on the 1st of the month.

Most clients stay with us for much longer, and after the initial six months has passed, sessions are payable monthly.

We offer a discount to those who wish to pay the full six months upfront, instead of monthly.

Postponing / changing sessions require at least 24 hours notice, otherwise the session fee is still payable.

Some inspiring words...

You are capable of amazing things. Mathematically and scientifically, you are a living, breathing miracle. In fact, the odds of you being alive as you are 420 TRILLION to one.

Whilst to succeed in any endeavour we need to be good at what we do. Hard work trumps talent, and there is not much that hard work and true commitment cannot overcome.
Whatever "success" means to you, If you want the lifestyle and achievements of the top 1%, then you'll have to match, and even exceed, the accumulated time, energy and effort they've invested. Similarly if you want the life of a top 10%, a top 30% or top 50%, the matching and exceeding principal is the same.

As Lionel Messi, one of the greatest footballers to ever live once said “it took me 17 years & 114 days to become an overnight success.”
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